Direct Payments & Peer Support

A Direct Payment gives you more choice and control over your care by giving you the opportunity to select your own support. Our staff and volunteers are here to explain what Direct Payments are and how they can ensure you get the service you want.

DAH provides comprehensive advice and support on Direct Payments, including a peer support programme that helps people gain an understanding of the Direct Payment scheme by facilitating discussions with other disabled residents. We offer advice and support around the employment of a personal (care) assistant for both new and existing Direct Payment holders. If you are considering Direct Payments for your care and support, or you just want to find out more, reach out to us!
Person using laptop holding a credit card.

Further Support

If you would like more support in setting up your Direct Payment, we can help you by:
Introducing you to others who have received a Direct Payment.
Giving you continued support while you make use of a Direct Payment.
Person using laptop holding a credit card.

Find A Personal (care) Assistant

We can even help you hire a personal (care) assistant by:
Assisting you with writing a job description, where you create an overview of the kind of person you’re looking for and what their daily tasks will be.
Getting your advert up on and creating your free profile.
Assisting you with the selection process, including interviews, setting up insurance, DBS checks and issuing contracts of employment.

What is a P.A? - Information Video

Please book an appointment with our staff and volunteers.

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