We Are Committed to The Social Model Of Disability

Find out what our vision is.
Our vision is an inclusive Haringey, free of disabling barriers, where diversity and human rights are valued and where Deaf and disabled people have dignity, independence and equality of opportunity.

We believe that disability is the result of society’s environmental, organisational, communicative and attitudinal barriers that exclude people with impairments. As a Deaf and Disabled People’s Organisation, it is necessary to break down those barriers, ensuring we, as disabled people, are heard.

What is the Social Model of Disability?

The Social Model of Disability was developed by Disabled people to identify and take action against Disabled people’s oppression and exclusion. It was developed as a direct challenge to the prevailing models of disability that viewed disability as an individual, medical problem that needed to be prevented, cured or contained; and/or as a charitable issue that viewed Disabled people as unfortunates who needed to be pitied and catered for by segregated, charitable services.

Here is a diagram of a Medical Model of Disability that shows some of the thinking and assumptions of this Model, underneath you will find a diagram of the Social Model in comparison.


The Social Model

Inclusion London & the Social Model

We believe in and follow the social model understanding of disability and the cultural model of Deafness. Our use of the term ‘Disabled people’ reflects this, as does our description of Deaf and Disabled people and organisations.

DAH Social Model of Disability
Ambassador Programme

Click the 'apply now' image above to download our registration form to become an Ambassador for the Social Model of Disability. Please complete the form and email back to us at: info@d-a-h.org or drop in to see us with your completed form.

What is a DAH SMD Ambassador?

The SMD Ambassador Program seeks to:

Generate and support a team of passionate individuals to spread the word about the Social Model for Disability across Haringey.

Highlight the value of D/deaf & Disabled Community’s Voice at events and be invited to promote our campaigns throughout the year.

Our ambassadors will spread the word and inspire people across all sectors and in all activities to help ensure the understanding and application of the SMD across all sectors.

Ambassadors help us bring attention to the needs of the D/deaf & Disabled community, demonstrate how DAH are working long term across sectors to meet those needs, so that every resident can experience the fullness of life.

DAH offer our SMD Ambassadors:

  • Training, support, and mentoring
  • Invitations to relevant local events
  • Work on social model co-production projects
  • Build additional life + work experience skills
  • Build a great new network of contacts
  • The opportunity to shape and embed the SMD across Haringey

To find out more, click here or email: info@d-a-h.org
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