Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a useful list of questions and answers to help you. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will gladly assist you.
1. Is DAH open during COVID-19?
Yes, DAH remains fully operational during this time. We are able to provide the majority of our services over the phone and online, with arranged socially distanced, in-person meetings provided, when needed. We remain vigilant during this pandemic, keeping our staff, service users, volunteers, and members as safe as possible, without undermining the support we provide regarding Direct Benefits and Welfare Payments.
2. What is the social model of disability?
Within the social model of disability, it is the environmental, attitudes, organisation and communicative barriers that create disability, rather than people’s impairments. These can include physical barriers stopping disabled people entering some buildings, such as stairs without accessible alternatives, or the attitudes of potential employers who are hesitant to hire disabled staff. Our goal is to remove these barriers to improve inclusivity in Haringey.
3. How do I donate to DAH?
You can either make a once-off donation or pay a monthly amount. Just visit our Donate Page to make your valuable contribution – big or small! Every bit counts.
4. Do you offer Welfare Benefit advice?
Yes, our staff and volunteers are able to assist disabled people in applying for welfare benefits, such as housing and health care.
5. What is a Direct Payment?
These are payments made by public bodies (such as the Council) to disabled people for care and community engagement. The individual is then empowered to choose their own care provider and support, allowing the individual to have more choice, control and independence.
6. How do I become a member of DAH?
We welcome anyone from the borough who is either disabled or has a long-term health condition to apply to become a full member of Disability Action Haringey. Alternatively, we also accept applications to be an associate member from individual carers or organisations working on the rights of disabled people. For more details, visit our Membership Page.
7. Why should you become a DAH member?
By becoming an active member of DAH, you have the opportunity to influence the direction of the organisation, including:
You will be able to vote at the AGM.
You are welcome to contact the Chair or CEO, or visit the office with an appointment.
You can participate in our awareness raising campaigns, giving you the chance to shape our messaging.
You will receive our DAH newsletter, keeping you abreast of everything that’s happening at DAH.
You can help strengthen the organisation as the voice of the disabled community in Haringey.
You will be invited to all of our DAH events, giving you the chance to meet with other people in our community.
8. How do I become a volunteer at DAH?
Our organisation is grateful for the valuable work of our volunteers, so if you want to give back to your community in a meaningful way, sign up to become a volunteer today by visiting our Volunteer Page. When you volunteer, you are supporting us to bring about change for a more inclusive Haringey. If you have a specific skill, please let us know!

Still have more questions? Get in touch and we’ll gladly answer them!

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